松本 妃代 / Kiyo Matsumoto

2019年、初の個展を開催。 以後、毎年末に個展を開催しているほか、CDジャケット、商品パッケージデザインなどを手掛けながら、カフェや百貨店での展示も行っている。

 Born in March 20, 1995 in Hyogo, Japan.
 I have been self-taught since I was 20 years old, with the theme of nature, animals and kids.
 In 2019, I held my first solo exhibition. Since then, I have held a solo exhibition at the end of every year, and have also exhibited at cafes and department stores. I'm working on CD jackets and product package designs and more.
 I won the Grand Prix at the 19th Tully's Picture Book Awards. My first picture book "My World" will be released in September 2023.